What’s Next in Livestreaming ?

The Next Web is THE webevent of the year for online entrepreneurs. In two days geeks, designers, techies, and investors share their thoughts and plans on the next big thing on the internet. So if there is a place of finding out what’s next in livestreaming, we should find the answer there. Right?

Chad Hurley and the 1%SHOW
Chad Hurley would know what the next big thing in livestreaming is, for sure. The founder of YouTube has been flirting with livestreaming possibilities since 2010 – correct me if I’m wrong – but the facility is yet to definitely break through. There is a real chance we bump into Hurley at TNW. There is even a chance he will be our guest in the 1%SHOW tomorrow, from 18 til 19 o’clock. If we do, we’ll let you know in time.  Keep a close eye on this blog and our twitter, and give us your questions so we can fire them at him.

Two webtv makers
In the meantime we looked for other livestreamers at TNW. Starting with a good old search in the Linked profiles of all TNW visitors. A search with the word ‘livestreaming’ only gave us one name, ours. Bummer. A search with the word ‘webtv’ gave a slightly better score: three. Two actually, cause the third one was us again. The other two were:

1. Timan Rebel – founder of Snowciety
Rebel built Fast Moving Targets, the livestreamchannel with weekly live shows about interesting web developments. It’s Iike The Next Web, but then a web talkshow. ‘That was about all I ever did with webtv,’ Rebel said. Nowadays he focused on snowciety – which is a pretty cool startup by the way, and in the race to be startup winner at TNW.

2. Martijn Roelandse – Publishing Editor Neuroscience at Springer
Although webtv and livestreaming were not the reason why he bought tickets to the event, it was definitely on his agenda. ‘When writing their essays and books, scientists look for a dialogue and discussion with their network. We are looking into live webtv to give them that option.’

Pay for Livestream
So, not a lot of livestreamers at TNW. How about livestream watchers? TNW streams all its speakers on stage and is watched by thousands of people worldwide. Last year TNW had over 30.000 unique viewers on the livestream.

Matti Pekka Erkka could be one of them, if he weren’t attending TNW in person. The online advertiser from Finland regulary watches events like TNW on livestream, when he can’t join them himself. International streams though, as in Finland livestreaming wasn’t so hot yet. The few livestreams he’d seen were of rubbish quality. ‘Broadcasters haven’t realised yet what the potential of livestreaming is. They think it’s too expensive, or they think there won’t be an audience. So they just don’t bother.’
A missed chance according to Erkka: ‘I would pay to watch livestreams, especially with HD quality.’

Livestream interpreters
And then out of the blue, on the green stage, there it was. The next thing in livestreaming. Two startup guys with a new concept: babelverse.com  A bit nervous, but who cares if you’re convinced you’ve got a world changing idea?
Babelverse builds on the language barrier we face when watching a livestream in a foreign language we don’t understand. Babelverse provides live and online interepreters to translate simultaneously. There you go, the tower of Babel, solved!
Their next step: building a community of international interpreters and connecting them to livestream viewers who are in need of live translation. Whether it be a complex technical speech, or a speech about a veterinary procedure. The startup jury liked the idea. Now they need an investor. They were only one to two million dollars short.


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One thought on “What’s Next in Livestreaming ?

  1. UPDATE:

    Livestreamers are winners!
    The guys from Babelverse won the Startup competition at The Next Web and former livestreamer Timan Rebel was second with his Snowciety. Congrats guys!

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